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Senior citizens and others surviving on a fixed income are often at risk of slipping through the cracks because they have no one to help them navigate lifesaving resources like Medicare when they can’t afford the steep out-of-pocket expenses of medical care.


There are programs designed to assist members of our community who need help covering the costs of healthcare treatments and prescription medications. At the Medicare Support Center, we want to bring peace of mind to vulnerable people on fixed incomes by letting them know that help is available!


Based in Gorgia, our organization was founded by Lashona Fletcher, a passionate senior rights activist and founder of the nonprofit organizations Senior & Community Benefit Advocate and Blessings in Bags.


Lashonda’s journey into senior care began when she found herself suddenly responsible for caring for her own aging grandmother. Acting as her grandmother’s legal guardian, advocate, and care provider, she was forced to absorb as much information as she could about available senior benefits, programs, and support services. Eventually, she learned so much she chose to become a voice, resource, and advocate for other seniors and care providers in her community.


At The Medicare Support Center, we know that Medicare insurance can be confusing, partly because it’s hard to identify the right needs and know where to find answers about how Medicare can meet those needs. We help solve complex, confusing, and frustrating Medicare problems by making each decision clear, simple, and reassuring.