Lashonda Fletcher Insurance LLC is founded with a humble approach and simple objective: to solve your most common but complex insurance needs while educating & empowering you to make the most informed decision related to insurance plans.

Our Story

Every business idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple. All insurance carrier’s policies are too challenging to understand with lots of hidden terms and conditions, which is really frustrating for any busy person.

Therefore, Lashonda Fletcher Insurance agency is your one-stop solution to get the most perfect and well-informed insurance plan.


Lashonda Fletcher founded it in 2019, but it has an inspiring story of its beginning. She has grown up in a small and charming town in South Georgia. She believes that nature has incorporated her passion for helping others with love from the very start of her life. She had the pleasure of sharing her childhood with her great grandparents, who were genuinely kind-hearted, loving, caring, and hard-working. Their persona developed the principles of being a blessing to others, always helping, and honoring the elders in Lashonda’s personality. These values pushed her to create an idea that would help millions of people and solve their problems. So, she started this agency.


Whenever she helps a senior with their Medicare insurance choices or help a young couple with life insurance or assist a retired veteran with an annuity, she feels as if she has accomplished the purpose of her life.


At Lashonda Fletcher Insurance agency, we treat you like a family. Because every person has the right to live a worry-free life. We believe in empowering people about their rights, options, and entitlements. Thank you so much for knowing more about us.

Mission statement

To bring you financial protection, security, and perfect insurance plans customized according to your needs. We strive to offer you a unique experience by educating you throughout instead of just selling. Lashonda Fletcher Insurance LLC is committed to the highest standard of services delivered with honesty, authenticity, and transparency.

Vision statement

To become the most preferred and reputed independent insurance agency in providing innovative solutions to ensure total customer satisfaction. We envision establishing a community full of people having peace of mind about their insurance plans.

What We Do

99% of insurance carriers’ policies are too complicated, hard, and difficult to understand. Lashonda Fletcher Insurance LLC makes the whole process easy and empowers its clients by providing the right guidance, expertise, and knowledge and enables them to make the most effective, suitable, and informed decision.

How we do

At Lashonda Fletcher Insurance LLC, we believe in empowering our customers through our services. We understand that every plan will need to be specifically tailored to meet the needs of every person. We earn your trust through our process. Unlike others, our approach is relatively easy.